I type cd it puts me back to the /home/ccuser folder


Mine niether, I am definitely in the Historical folder but when I type cd it puts me back to the /home/ccuser folder. I have then gone into the folders and found the /home/ccuser/workspace/movies/drama/historical folder to try again and it puts me back to the /home/ccuser folder all I've types is the cd command.
I can navigate into the drama folder using the above file path but then the tick box doesnt tick and I'm left now not being able to complete the lesson. I've logged out and back into the lesson. I have also restarted the lesson to see if that helped and it didnt. Please help.

Manipulation step 5

That is the expected behaviour of the cd command - it takes you to your home directory -- UNLESS you tell it to take you somewhere else.

Are you trying to go to the parent directory of where you are now?


Yeah I was trying to go up one directory, it was completely user error. I was typing cd and it was giving me the error. I've just been reading through some other users who have had the same problem and noticed someone reference a solution. I typed cd .. and it worked perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to reply back to me I really appreciate it.