I try to learn paython but i feel that i study the answers rather than really thinking about solving the problem

it seems like its very complex to me or can i say that i dont take failure as an option so i search many times on google when i face any problem that i cant solve in code academy and by the way am not 2 happy with this result i feel like am cheating though i try 2 many times before really searching on googleSO i just wanna know is it right what am doin ? or should i stop doing this ?!! THNKS FOLKS :wink:

Try searching for similar things instead

search for single operations instead of full solutions

consider how you could have come up with the same thing yourself, where was the information you needed, how could you have obtained it?

Try not to move on before having understood something, you would be setting yourself up to not be able to solve things by yourself

You can leave things for later too, but it might not be easy to guess what you can get away with skipping. Typically you should know as much as possible of the previous stuff so that there are fewer things that you donโ€™t understand about future pieces of code (hurting your ability to reason about whatโ€™s going on and making the new things even harder to understand)

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