I tried many things bus still can't link index.html to style.css!

Hi, really hope you can help me here.
I wanted to play around and duplicate a landing page following video instructions, however I got stuck after adding style.css, seems like index.html is not linking, because after opening index.html in browser (tried both Chrome and Firefox) I see only html text and no changes in color or font - as it should be based on what I wrote in style.css

I searched all over the internet forums, tried to apply changes that were recommended, even opened html in browser without cache, unfortunately it did not help.

I attached image, perhaps there is a minor mistake I haven’t noticed. :confused:

Also I noticed that after opening index.html in browser new file debug.log appears. In case it somehow impacts css, I added image of what debug.log says.

Thank you!

I think your mistake is in your HTML. From looking at the screenshot, in the html it looks like you are using two single quotes ('') instead of one double quote ("). If that is the case, replace the single quotes with a double quote.


<a href=''#'' class=''button''>more more more</a>


<a href="#" class="button">more more more</a>

Let me know if this fixes the issue or not.

Have fun coding!



You are right, single quotes was the thing, now style.css is properly linked.
Thank you @chesswithsean ! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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