I think this is a glitch



Oops, try again. Did you put document inside $() ?



all I did was copy the function thing from above
is this a glitch with the code?

Here's what the lesson says to do

Add a $(document).ready(); call in script.js. Remember, the document is special: it's not an HTML element like <p or <div, so it doesn't go in quotes.


In your script.js file you just have to write


nothing else :slight_smile:


ok but the lesson wants me to put something random in it

I just fixed it and got the same problem






and what does it mean?how many times your document can be ready?


what do you mean? is it a rhetorical question?


Delete everything that is in the script.js, then copy and paste the instruction $(document).ready(); and that's it =)


I think you didn't understand what i want to say.

the lesson wants you to put only $(document).ready(); nothing else.

right now your code doesn't make any sense.you used $(document).ready(); inside $(document).ready();.what does it mean?

read this and this to understand why we use $(document).ready();


oh okay then I'll fix it


my mistake, however the code was already there, that's why I added the extra


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