I think there's a mistake


it prints Di but if the first letter is 0 then it should print Din.

$myName = "Dina";
    print substr($myName, 0, 2);


This is the correct code:
$myName = "Dina";
print substr($myName, 0, 3);

(Don't forget the indent)
Try it! It will print out Din.
I hope this helps!:grin:


In that case it should print Dina because it says that the first letter is zero, the second is 1, the third is 2 etc.
I was wondering why it prints Di rather than Din.


I haven't done PHP before but the whole 'index' thing seems similar so i reckon
D i n a
0 1 2 3
So maybe the last parameter is the number after the one you want to stop at? (if this makes sense)


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Oooh ok. Yes you're right. Thank you!


No problem!


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