I think there's a bug in pyhon learning


whatever code i put in console it just do an endless loading, i tried a ton of times to reset the excercise but it doesn’t change anything. Furthermore my old codes have been all deleted.
someone can help me?

(the problem is also in other excercises)

I have the very same problem. Honestly, it’s really frustrating.

Same here this has been going me for 3 weeks now

I have the same problem with “String Formatting with %, Part 2” , I need help :frowning:

same here :neutral_face::neutral_face:

i’ve been fighting this for a week now. I’m at the point now i can’t progress further.

can’t we contact an admin?
@coeus_tech @rmbat1380

also for @kinglich @danielpetrucci

and @tinub too
sorry i’m a new user so i can’t tag more then two user at once

It happened to me too.
It’s really frustrating because I got to the 8th part, and then clicked “Got the Code” and then it erased all my previous code. Now certain sessions of the lesson aren’t loading for me. I’ve reported the bug, hope that they get it fixed… :frowning:

I’m stuck too. I have reported the bug and also tweeted them. I hope they fix it soon


I’m in the same boat with you all on this issue and I have reported the bug as well. Good luck guys!

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