I think there is a bug in HTMLII 9

I think there is a bug in HTMLII 9.


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Your screenshot didn’t upload

The message tells that I haven’t make it the header with 16px of font-size.
If I change the order of the type of style (color before than font-size), the command control tells me that I haven’t make it well the color of the style.
Sorry if I didn’t speak it well I’m not an english speaker.

Mine is doing the same thing except I am actually writing violet just like says. I have checked it over and over and I come up with nothing to fix it.

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okay your syntax for style is a bit off,

Instead of putting quotes are around each attribute and value you need to put a pair around all so it would be like this:

<p style="color: blue; font-size: 30px;">any text</p>

Thank you, it works.

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