I think there is a bug in 3/7 i can't find the file Target.js anywhere


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I’ve not actually done React.js but when you’re working with multiple files, there should be a folder icon between the instructions and the editor. If you click on that, it’s basically a mini file explorer.

thanks for your reply but i’d found it everywhere even i tried to create it myself by the code given in the other queries of react.js but it is also returning an error

Please if anyone have some idea how to pass this excercise please tell me

You have to create files from the exercise before this one with the code from the exercise before. For some reason all the required files are not transferring to next exercise This will get you pass 3/7, but 4/7 has issues as well.

I have already tried to create the file by the code given in the other exercises but it is also returning an error maybe the code was not correct. Can you please send me the correct code if you have

Is there anybody who passed this exercise? Please give me exact code of target.js

Having the same problem of missing Target.js. Reported a bug. Anyone solve this?

i had reported a bug for this exercise but where to find the reply

please help anyone i am stuck in this exercise since many days i wanna pass this

This is my code for Target.js please tell me if i had anything wrong in this code. Thanks
var React = require(‘react’);
var random = require(’./helpers’).random;

var Target = React.createClass({
propTypes: {
number: React.PropTypes.number.isRequired
shouldComponentUpdate: function (nextProps, nextState) {
return this.props.number != nextProps.number;
render: function () {
var visibility = this.props.number
? ‘visible’ : ‘hidden’;
var style = {
position: ‘absolute’,
left: random(100) + ‘%’,
top: random(100) + ‘%’,
fontSize: 40,
cursor: ‘pointer’,
visibility: visibility

return (



module.exports = Target;

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