I think PHP course is a really stuck


Why compiling happens always when the code is changing? Can Codecademy team compile the php code only when I submit the code. Otherwise Infinite Loop will happens if I don't complete the code and I can't submit it in the end.


Paste this line in above your working code to disable the auto-refresh:

<?php else ?>

It can be any deliberate error, this one is simple, though. This will force a parse error and disable the auto-refresh. When you are ready to Submit, Save (it will fail), then refresh the page and cut this line back out. Paste it into the next lesson before you begin coding, and repeat the procedure through the rest of the track.

If you have code that keeps looping when you open the page, go back one lesson and scale up the zoom until the preview window disappears. Then proceed to the next lesson and copy what you have to notepad, then Reset. Restore normal zoom. Paste in the error line and proceed.