I think my code is perfectly fine but I get an error plss help

This is the link:


and here’s the message that I get whenever I press “Check Work”.

Incorrect:Once each function has been invoked, you need to await those promises resolved values and print the string in the exact format expected. Check your spelling and punctuation. And see the hint for more help.

Can you paste in your code here?

let {cookBeans, steamBroccoli, cookRice, bakeChicken} = require(’./library.js’)

// Write your code below:

async function serveDinner() {

const vegetablePromise = steamBroccoli();

const starchPromise = cookRice();

const proteinPromise = bakeChicken();

const sidePromise = cookBeans();

console.log(Dinner is served. We’re having ${await vegetablePromise}, ${await starchPromise}, ${await proteinPromise}, and ${await sidePromise}.);



Not sure if you’ve solved this issue yet, but I remember running into this on the project as well. The issue was that the apostrophe in the word We're is formatted as We’re in the description, so when I copy/pasted to edit, it wasn’t what the tests actually wanted. Notice vs

Here’s the line you need:

console.log(`Dinner is served. We're having ${await vegetablePromise}, ${await starchPromise}, ${await proteinPromise}, and ${await sidePromise}.`);
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Yeah I solved it yesterday because of the “we’re” thing. I’ve read the instructions multiple times and even copy pasted my code and the solution code, wracking my head out while I compare both of them, wracking my head for figuring out. Turns out it’s the aostrophe thing, ha silly me.

But still thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Not so much “silly you”, more “silly learning environment”.

It can be awfully pedantic at times, refusing perfectly functional code over trivial differences in the text - like it did here. :sweat:

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