I think its time for an update on the update Codecademy

https://www.codecademy.com/blog so the last official blog post on this topic was on September 07 2016 and has been updated periodically throughout the months of the process of changes to the official dates of when for example new Python course will be released etc. The dates are still very general as one can see. And I also know @danieloduffy has shared some stuff on the future updates but I think its time Codecademy sheds a little bit more light on the subject of when these things are expected to go down. I realize I can’t imagine what its like to run Codecademy and try to update a website and make courses for millions of users that are almost bug free and that hold up to the high standards that Codecademy has yet there seems to have been a lack of communication when things will take place or how things are going. With several push backs on the launch dates of these changes I think it would be fair for Codecademy to publish an assessment for its users of where they are now in the process of their summer updates. I know many users that I have had discussions with in Python specifically have asked when Python will be updated to 3, or oh I thought Codecademy’s course was already on Python 3, etc. I hate to see Codecademy lose users over such issues but I also don’t want to just accuse Codecademy of being lazy because I know they are not. Codecademy has worked very hard obviously just look at this lovely new website set up. So can we foresee any new news that will be published to the public masses? :smiley:

Hey Bibleman, we’re working exceptionally hard here on updating old courses and producing brand-new ones for all of our learners (i.e. for free, Pro, and Ready users). On old courses we’re not only updating content and fixing bugs, but changing the architecture that they’re built on (as an illustration, think about the contrast between new and old courses that Zeke mentions here – the differences are far more than cosmetic). All of this is a massive undertaking. Users do know that these changes are happening and we will communicate more on precise dates when we’re ready to do so. When there’s news to share, I’ll be right here on the forums sharing it.


Thank you sir! Thats all we can ask for! :smiley:


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