I think it's broken


Why do I get everything wrong? like. When I completely copy the “correct answer” text, it is still wrong!

Correct code:

var favoriteAnimal = 'Koala';
console.log('My favorite animal: ' + favoriteAnimal);

My code:

var favouriteAnimal ='Capybara';
console.log('My favourite animal' + favouriteAnimal);


You’re missing a colon.


And a space. :wink:

animal: '



While doing lessons in Codecademy, it is better to follow the spelling and sentences exactly provided/asked by the lessons just in case the SCT is looking for the exact spacing and spelling other than the correct syntax.

In this case, you also have different spellings for few occurrences of favourite versus the lesson’s favorite, it’s totally fine in real life, but just go with the lesson’s requirement in order to get it pass.

Cheers :slight_smile:


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