I think I may need some help

Hello, my name is Raz. I am currently trying to learn how to code. I have done multiple tutorials and challenges or exercises following guide lines, but I still do not know how to implement things without the assistance of search engines or for someone giving me a starting point.
I know most of the fundamentals but I cant do it on my own. Can anyone try to explain how implementation of fundamental works or how to I figure out what fundamental should I use on a given problem.

Thank you for your kind assistance.

This is not necessarily abnormal. Programmers/developers/engineers often look to others and search engines for assistance with solving things or even with doing trivial things that they can’t remember how to do. It’s also why we build and use libraries and frameworks - to make doing the same thing or more complicated things easier to do again and again.

Practice builds memory, ultimately, so the more you practice, the more you will remember. Even still, though, I sometimes have to look up how to do something I’ve done before because there’s just so much to remember in programming.

However, be careful of doing things with too many YouTube tutorials. Try instead building something you want to build and then look up how to build each step, if you need to. Of course, don’t aim too high at first; you’ll get lost. Build something appropriate for your skill level. If you need inspo, watch a video or find an article listing popular project ideas for your skill level (i.e. beginner, novice, advanced). You’ll know what skill level you’re at if, through watching a project idea video, you can start to think about how you’d architect one app idea, but not for another.

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