I think i lost moeny

Yesterday i received a message that my PRO subscription ended in 28 days, i didnt pay the full price for it, only 120$ instead of 280. I thought i can pay the remain price, but i saw that this 120 dollars are gone and now i paid for the PLUS subscription. I know CCS team are working with the refundings, but maybe someone will tell me did i screw everything up? because for me 120$ is not a small amount

Thank you for answering, it is very important for me

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I’m sorry that happened. However, we cannot answer billing questions on the forums. Please contact customer service and open a support ticket. Turnaround time is usually 24-48 hours.

I’ve already made a ticket, not sure if i’ve choosed the right category (Billing or account setting, so i made 2 tickets). I thought someone had the same problem and could give me an advice.
Anyway, thank you for a reply, i wasnt expecting someone reply that fast :smile:

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