I think I am lost

I am somehow75% through angular javascript andI feel like I don’t understand it any better. I felt like with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Jquery I was really getting the languages and with thei Angular javascript I am feeling a bit lost. Does anyone have other websites suggestions that might teach this more thoroughly?

This just feels like it tells me what to type and then I type it… then later it goes back and tries to explain it but it is out of context and doesn’t explain while I am doing which is really hard for me.


Codecademy provided you basic material to understand what angular is.
you can download plularlsight tuts for angular or follow AngularJs book by O’really.


I agree, I am going through the services section now, none of the terms are being explained very well, and the lessons are just asking me to memorise a bunch of syntax.

You can try W3Schools, they have a good introductory tutorial for Angular.

Truthfully I now use angular regularly and still think these lessons are only okay. They make sense now that I know how to use angular but this is not a great tutorial.

This is where I actually started learning Angular, and I think that Codecademies courses are more for if you know at least some the very basics.

I’m also feeling like typing and doing the exercises and passing them without understanding what I’m doing here.

Initially i learnt angular js from other website, but it was fun to do some practise here. These tutorials will help you brush your skills.