I stuck in browser compatibility and transpilation


I stuck in chapter 5 and is there anyone can help me?

I did not understand anything.

In the terminal window type:

npm install babel-cli

This installs one of the two required Babel packages.

Can one of you lead me about it as soon as possible?


The Terminal Window is the very right hand most panel, where you typically see console.log() output to.
In this exercise, you type in the right hand side, not the common middle panel.
I will add, when I first visited that exercise that screen was stuck loading for me, the loading gif kept spinning. I had to close out and restart my browser to get it to work.

So in short, follow the exercise steps, by entering the lesson tasks in the very right most dark window, where it usually says TERMINAL, in green-ish letters.

Please reach back if that isn’t clear; supply an image of the lesson screen, and any errors you may be encountering, so someone can help :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer.
At first, The Terminal Windows did not display. The only thing displayed is the loading gif, like too. Then it has been fixed, but I understood nothing. I just implemented that typed text and I continued to understand nothing. I did not go on like this.
What should I do?
I should go on though I do not understand or else ?


Codecademy isn’t the be all and end all of learning. :slight_smile:
In-fact you really should always spend some time during any exercise you aren’t sure of searching for additional resources to further your understanding.
Here: One way is to revisit lessons after you complete them. You can search in the forums to see if others had similar issues and the answers that were given. Another’s perspective can be the final piece to help you understand maybe.

My preferred method is to just go search online to try and get a better grasp. Some of the lessons includes links that start you off on this path. Don’t forget though, understanding isn’t always a short path like a single stepping stone. Sometimes you have to take a few more steps, or go off the path to search around, then look back after you have gone so far, to get enlightenment. Don’t be disheartened, enjoy the journey! :slight_smile: