I Stuck at Step 8.Wrap a Div


It says Oops, try again. Add a div with the learn-more class, like this:

But i have made a div class
Can someone please look above my Code and say my what im done wrong?
Sry for my bad english.

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This is how you add a class <div class="classname">Some text</div>
So any HTML tag that you need to add in a class after p or h1 or div you add class="classname"


Your link is not coded properly ..

  1. h should not be in capital letter/uppercase
  2. the link should be in double quotes "http://www.anylink.com"

like so: <a href="http://www.anylink.com">any text</a>


Thanks for you fast reply,
i correctet the link
but i did'nt find my other mistake i did it exactly like in the example here is a Screenshot of my workplace with the code Click


@klotzi Your class you have it as <div class=""learn more"></div> you need to put it a - learn-more in coding spaces, uppercase lower case makes a big difference..
Don't forget to correct your link


Thank you now it works:)