I recommend codecademy to anyone wanting to improve their coding/programming skillz


I came to this site to see what all the buzz was about and to strengthen my php and mysql but I started of with the Html and Css course even though I have a ton of experience with them. And I can't help doing all of the exercises because they are fun. Maybe it's because I can blast through them, lol. But this site is set up in a very fun and easy to understand the way. I haven't tried any of the other courses yet but so far I love this site. I just wish that I knew about it a few years ago when I was learning Java. I can see myself going through every course because I'm OCD like that and I always want to know everything. Maybe I'll learn something new if not just refresh some of the stuff that I haven't used in a while.


I know what you mean about the ocd part! I can't help completing all the exercises repeatedly. You should also try to help people on this forum on topics you feel strong in. Teaching is an excellent way to reinforce your own knowledge.


I just though of that when I was stuck on an exercise in Python. I think I'm addicted to programming. The forum can be my support group. lol. I actually started with Java and went backwards and know I need to know then ALL. It really is good to love what you do for a living.