I recently completed the front end engineer course

Portfolio: https://axeljorgensen.netlify.app/

I believe I am ready to start looking for work in earnest. Any advice and critiques on my portfolio are very welcome! Please help me get better. I have a lot of insecurity looking for work as I have gone about every aspect of this journey very blind and would really like all the help I can get.


Just want to congratulate you for completing the path!


Congratulations! I started looking for a job and I have not finished that course (only 80% completed). I recommend just start to apply. Send 10-15 companies your CV and see what happens next. Don’t worry too much, look at all that experience as a chance to learn something new. The only thing I would recommend to change in the portfolio is your personal story. Maybe you could leave that part with massage and DJ (you can tell your story personally on interview) and accentuate more that you developed your passion for programming while studying physics. Also, fill your LinkedIn profile, education, and other fields, fill them out and always try to have one short paragraph describing the item and a couple of points which are about what were activities/responsibilities for that particular item.
I think your portfolio looks great! Be confident, just do it!

Your portfolio site looks great!

Good luck on the job search!