I really have to get this right. please someone help


Please im on the navigation 2 in Make a Website. Can anyone help me because im stuck. How do i add another ul element after a./ul Tag?


This is a ul element:



To add second one, you can type those two tags below your first ul element. You will also have to add some <li>, list items. Just ask if you don't know what they are.


Thanks AR. i really appreciate it. but what i really wanted to know is how do i make this work..>
Inside the <ul>..</ul> tags, add an li element with the text "Sign Up"


Okay, let's make an li element with the text "Sign Up":smile:

<li>Sign Up</li>

Now you can put that inside the <ul> ... </ul> tags.


It keeps saying Oops the ul element should have 3 li. how do archive that


Did you make 3 li elements in your new ul element?

You can show me what you've done if you want?


This is what i did

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Watch your closing tag there, it should be an </li>, not an <li> to close the list element.

Once you fix that, go to the next line and add another li element.


Should the last li be a close tag?


Yes, like this:

<li>Sign Up</li>

That makes one complete li element.


I did just like you said, but it says add a second ul element inside the body element. please how do i get it correct?


Do you think that you have two ul elements now? If you would like me to check, you can show me all of your code.


Thanks AR, you are such a dear friend. this is what i did.(*ul>

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  • ) and i got it right.