I need to understand C, which language to learn?

Hi guys,
So I’m currently studying the C programming language at school, and i am struggling to understand it compeletely. I was wondering which programming language that codecademy offers would fit the best to understand C.

  • C
  • C++
  • Something else?:open_mouth:

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Would really appericate all help!!

Hello! As far as I know, CC doesn’t offer a C course, so I presume the closest language to C is C++. Learning that might teach you some of the basics which are shared with C, but I haven’t dealt with those languages that much.


What resources are you using?

I like “A Book on C”. There’s also free youtube lectures from CS 50 on C (I think they’re Harvard - Edx lectures). I haven’t seen those, but the other CS 50 material I’ve seen was always on point.


Using natural languages as guidance, the common wisdom is that the more languages you speak, the easier it gets to pick up the next one. So any language would theoretically help you understand C better.

However, you might be struggling to understand C because your computer science foundation is weak. Are you comfortable with the idea of data types, variables, and functions? Do you understand what control flow is or what loops are used for? Without basic computer science building blocks, it’s like trying to learn a natural language without knowing what verbs or nouns are, you know what I mean?

If you are conceptually comfortable with the basics though, then I’m afraid C is going to come down to you just memorizing the syntax and getting used to how the language is strictly typed and compiled.


If you’re after a book to help with C, then two I would suggest are Zed Shaw’s “Learn C The Hard Way” and Kernighan & Ritchie’s “The C Programming Language”.

“Learn C The Hard Way” is a teach by example, type out this code and here’s what it’s doing type book.

“The C Programming Language” is written by two people who should know the language better than anyone, since Dennis Ritchie actually created the language. It might be an old book, but it’s still widely regarded as the de-facto C reference.

You might be able to pick up some of the basics of C by doing some C++ material, but they are not the same language and there are differences that you would need to know about and accommodate for between the two.

If your course is expecting you to learn C, I would suggest that you learn C.


I will check those lectures out.
I am using a book called “C Programming in easy steps”… honestly don’t like the book as much, since all the coding is listed up with comments and no whole pictures of the entire source codes… which is annoying. I just don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue: haha

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