I need to make a register page that needs a referral code to register


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Just as the title says I’m in need of a register and login page. The register page needs to have a referral code in order to register with this website.

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I can understand what the title is saying, but i don’t see a question anywhere, what is the question?

Is it possible to make a register page that needs a referral code to register

Of course it is. What’s the problem?

What does referral code means in this situation?

For example, I might already be registered, and if you want to register, I will have to give you a code to join.

It’s like a club where you have to be friends with someone who’s already in to join.

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That is most certainly possible. you can people, who are already a member of your website, let generate a key, then store the key in the database for a certain amount, and use a scheduler to remove the key from the database after a time which suits you (two hours), so the user has two hours to register, on successful register also remove the key.

Yes this it exactly what I need. Can anybody help me write this code?

Jibblyj that is what I want. Kinda like a friend system

I understand what you mean, but I don’t really know how to do it… The things that I think you’d need are:

  • Server-side lang.(PHP)
  • Database(mySQL)
    But I’ve no idea what to do with them… Try some Google searches.

You want us to create and design software for free? Why should we do that?


the database should be mysql, sql are the query’s you use to store and retrieve data from a database

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