I need to learn LUA and soon

Hi guys, can we have LUA as a coding language we could learn. It would be really helpful and I need to know it so I can use roblox studio more effectively

Hi @maxcraft2018,

I don’t think CC will offer LUA in the near time frame (soon) as they are still updating and pushing out new courses. However, you can head to this topic, an official poll and cast your vote there:

LUA is voted and ranked pretty high there. :slight_smile:

Chances are that licensing a course in this language could be expensive. It will need a C API. Suggest seek out other resources and MOOCs on this topic. Demand won’t change the status quo of CC.

The language does not look any harder to learn than Ruby, which must have been designed along much the same lines. Neither language should be considered easy to walk into if you are not prepared to think on both feet.

What are your current learning parameters? College, school, work?

I want to learn Lua due to a lot of things I do uses Lua and I want to learn it I’ve edited it before it’s pretty simple it’s pretty much English just with some other things in it like “If clicked then open for 1.5 seconds” something like that. That’s really rough.

It would appear to be very extensively implemented across several disciplines…

List of applications using Lua

That would have to indicate a wide range of documentation and usage articles (and forums) across the web.

It reminds me of the olden days when we used to write tiny subroutines in assembly language and embed the address in BASIC with the USR keyword. At that line the interpreter would drop down to the lower level, execute and then return to the next BASIC instruction pointer location. The returned data would be at a fixed location in memory so a PEEK of that address would reveal the value.

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