I need profesional assistance


I'm really confused at this point, is there like two type of JavaScript languages? because the JavaScript I'm seeing here is completely different than the one I'm reading of a book... Please assist me


No, you could possibly be reading Java or jQuery. What exactly is different?


It has this signs every where ( <, >, \, /) And Its confusing me a ton, I barely started understanding and Im already confused


I think it looks like what is called regular expressions, if I'm not wrong. If so, it is part of JS, the same JS as the JS you will learn here, but still, it's not the most common way to write it. I mean it's not really another way to write it, it's just like, "one chapter of JavaScript".
What is surprising is if your book is really full of it, or maybe you're having a book specialized on a certain topic in JavaScript, where regular expressions are especially useful ? Usually you meet them sometimes but not every page.


You're right man, I kept digging deeper into my book and i just realized its not shown on the rest of the book, only in the begging to make some kind of understanding of the topic. Thanks allot