I need help

What can i put for the head


we’ll need a little more than that to help you.

Which exercise are you on? What’s your code? What error message are you getting?

Can you give us the link to the exercise?

I am on lesson 1 Exercise 9 the error message is saying that I need to add a head to the code but I am just learning to code

Okay, well since you’re just getting started with HTML, you will need to memorize some simple things, precisely this template.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <h1>My text</h1>

A HTML document is delimited by the tags <html></html>. Inside of these tags, you will first find <head></head>. Inside of these comes the title of the page, inside <title></title>. Then comes the body of the page. This is where all your text goes. That is embedded within the tags <body></body>.

See where the head goes?

Just remember this very simple HTML structure and you’ll be good to go.

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Thank you I hope I didnt take up to much of your time

Not all, glad to help!

Good luck with the rest of the course, and if I may: try to figure out as much as you can by yourself.
I know all of this is confusing at first, especially when you just got started, but that’s essentially the best way to learn!

And take your time to read everything carefully, don’t rush it, read all the instructions and slowly memorize patterns of how things are done :wink:

ok I wil thank you very much

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