I need help


I don't know how to properly do space and indentations. I can make it look like the example by pressing holding tab until the code slides all the way down. But I'm pretty sure that is the wrong way of doing it.

h1 { color: FireBrick; }
p { font-size: 18px;

With something like this, am I suppose to place each code'ing on a line?
Ex 1. h1 {
2. color: FireBrick;

like that? Or do I hold the tab so it does not start on a number, and I line it?
Ex 1.h1 {
color: Fire Brick:

The lesson says I'm right, I just really want to know the proper way of doing it, and it seems the lesson cannot find an error, even if it does not look the same either way.


Those three ways will perform the same action if whitespace does not affect the control flow of your css code, it then becomes about preference and what way you like best.

Because I've never heard of CSS best practice but this is the most common and readable way to do it,

 h1 {
    color: #value

Note: Indentation of the properties inside should be four spaces, 1 [TAB]