I need Help!

I dont understand some thing about Csharp programing language,
Help me!.
First i dont know how many hours should i spend programming and studying about Csharp
sometimes i study 3-4 hours and i feel very tired.
And in other times i study 1-2 hours and i feel like i havent studied enough.
Tell me how many hours should i program and learn so i wont feel that tired,but i will have learned some things about Csharp.
Thank you so much.
Please reply-

                                                                                              -By A NewMan on Csharp

there isn’t a magic solutions here. Sometime days will go easier then other days. Study as much as you feel comfortable with. Take a break if you need one. If you have a less productive day accept that this happens, and bounce back later.

Just try to program regularly, and keep practicing. That is most important.


Thank you very much.

If you feel not productive or sometimes bit tired, you can doing by watching coder on youtube, such Joma, TechLead, LTT, and many more. maybe you wanna take out from coding, try LTT or maybe open stand-up comedian. Then when wanna coding again. you can setting your envi on good mood such calm music, motivated speech, or just doing new thing such making story, video editing, or even make Portfolio project.

With that, you not only productive as many hour you like, but also you can control your routine.

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Thank you very much!

Usually, I program 30-60 minutes after every meal and generally feel very productive. Today, I felt like I was less productive after dinner. You saying that less productive days happen changed today! Thank you.