I need help

whats wrong with the background part

if im doing a scroll marquee is their a need for the cent tag of nah

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marquee html5

what do you mean. I dont get it
sorry for the late reply

thank you for replying

The link above is a SERP. A quick perusal of it will show that <marguee></marguee> is obsolete in HTML5. A better approach is available with CSS, although we should consider that the element’s detractors were strong supporters of the accessibility and standards community.

The first strike against the element is that is has nothing to do with content or structure, only presentation. You’ll notice that HTML5 has deprecated or obsoleted most presentational elements of earlier HTML iterations. The second objection (or perhaps more important) was due to movement on the screen which can be disturbing for some visitors. Just as with animated GIFs, scrolling text may trigger seizures in sensitive users.

The document type that supports (validates) with a MARQUEE-node is HTML 4.01…

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"

Not the route to go, though. Look for a CSS approach.

thx and why wont the background not work


background-size: cover;

What happens, now?

thats what it looks like now

It is possible that the site you are pulling the image from does not allow hot-linking. They may not be a CDN. Download the image and then upload it to content delivery network such as img.ur, etc.

ok ill try it then tell you if it works

The other option if you are working on your local computer then don’t bother putting it online. Just put in an images folder right off where your index.html page is.

+ project/
    + images/
        - bg-img.png
    - index.html