I need help with website building and div


I have an issue with div and I am confused, but I also dont understand the directions.So,can you please respond very quickly and help me understand it more?And, if so, thanks!(P.S., do not ever call me the new guy, please, and thank you.

Rowdy,the new guy!

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <div class= "nav">
   <div class= "container">
	<li>Sign Up</li>
	<li>Log In</li>


An important thing to know: most HTML elements have both an opening and a closing tag.

For example:



You have a few of those to fix up there. (check your html, li, and ul elements too)


Can you show me yours or do a correct one,cause I do not know how to do this because 1.my dad got confused. 2.this is the first time I have ever done this, or anything like it.


That is what we are here to learn all about!

Find your <body tag. -- good!
Find your </body> tag. -- having trouble with this one?


We can work through this whole exercise if you want. You'll have to do your part though, this is "learn to code" time, not learn to copy/paste time. :smile: