I need help with UNLESS



It says that it didn't print.

a < b
unless a = b
print "hi"


did it?
Depending on whether it did print, what you ask us to help you with would be very different things, it would help if we knew which one it is so that effort is put in the right place. I'm also not sure what's preventing you from fixing it yourself, and that too is really hard to guess without knowing if it was printing, or not.
Don't make us guess, explain what you want to know!


Sorry. It says at the title I said I need help with unless in 3.control of ruby, ruby. Soooo, you should have looked there to know what I'm stuck on.


I don't know what you want. "Help" is very unspecific.


Comparison operators are used to test the relationship between two objects. The equality (==) and inequality (!=) operators can be used on almost any type of value where the other operators are used for numeric comparisons.

x == y // returns true if two things are equal

See if you can find out what is wrong.


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