I need Help With This (Creating Class Methods) (Python)


I need Help Classes (Exercise 7)

Its works but i can't do anything because de error message:"Opsss try again. You forgot your method verAuto().

Any kind of advice is welcome. Thanks guys.


Your verAuto looks to be in place, but the submission test suggests that there should be a miAuto variable, and there isn't one in your code.

I'm guessing that you used to have a variable by that name, but at that point hadn't implemented verAuto.

The instructions in your screenshot say something about mi_Auto, but the underscore shouldn't be there, at least no according to the submission test.. If it's an option then I have to recommend the English version over the Spanish? or any other translation.


Thanks for the advice.


I didn't see that he had answered your question. It was a translation issue. It's looking for mi_auto and not my_car. Your code is correct, you're just missing key words that they are looking for in your code.


Thanks for answer the question.