I Need Help With This Code


Link a file called style.css to index.html. The attributes should be set in the following order: href, type, rel.


You didn't exactly link a file called style.css. I only see a link to the fonts.google.com css.


I just, did but it says that I didn't do it correctly.


You should probably keep the link to the Google font css, but anyway, if you put quotes around style.css it should work.
Example: <link href='style.css' ...> (Put the rest of your code in the dots.)

Hope this helps!


Look dude,
In your code, the attributes aren't in the mentioned order.
Check whether it helps!:smile:


the attributes is in order but I stil got wrong. isnt it should be have style.css tab?? let me know how got this one. thanks…



It still need a forward slash like href="/style.css"


I don’t see you linking to style.css in the screenshot you posted. You are linking to a google font.
But you are right, a tab should appear. Are you sure you are not mixing up different assignments?