I need help with this assignment as a beginner i have no idea that what do in this case kindly anyone of you help me


a. You are required to write a program for Driving Instructor. The basic idea is that a driving instructor is required to enter the marks of a candidate, for the following

• Marks for basic vehicle checking by the candidate (0-20)
• Marks for handling the vehicle by the candidate (0-50)
• Marks for handling traffic situation by the candidate (0-30)

The solution needs to add up the marks of three categories and decide whether the student has passed or failed the driving test. Passing marks are 70 or above.

If the marks are in the range of the category, the program should display the marks. On the other hand, if the marks entered by the user are not in the given range of the category, the user will be informed and will be prompted to enter the valid marks unless the entered marks are in the range. (Hint use while loop to get the input until the value comes in the range).


In the time it took to compose the OP one must have had pangs of what code could meet these expectations. Parse your mind for ideas.


hey @muhammadsufyankhan i would take the first 4 modules of Learn C++. and send a screenshot of ur code when u are debugging. love to see it!