I need help with the or sign!


Hi! I am having trouble with the Java course. We are supposed to make the or sign but I do not know how to create it. Can someone please help? (The or sign is two lines straight upward!)
Anyone who helps is receiving my full thanks! Thank you!


I found a way to do it, just copy and paste, but is there another way to do it?
:open_mouth: Thanks!


Hey there! The OR-operator is indeed two bars upward if you like to see it that way. The sign is known under quite some different names, like "vertical bar".

It should be on basically any standart keyboard.
Most of the time you can find it above the enter-key and the same key as the backslash ( \ ). To type a vertical bar you press the backslash-key while holding shift.

Good luck and have fun with the course!


Hi ! same pb here, except that I'm french and then I don't have the same keyboard and I can't find where the vertical bar is.

Plus I can't copy / paste the vertical bars...

With cmd+ ctrl + space I can open a special symbols window but the vertical bars it contains aren't recognized by the browser.

Thanks !


On your keyboard it should be right under your backspace and make sure u press shift


Man… so simple that symbolis called PIPE | | | | | | | | sometimes in the keyboard is two verticales lines. if you dont have it (so strange) use ascii alt+124 |