I need help with question 10

     I'm having some trouble on Question 10. It asks me to add a description but I am unsure of where to add the description.

This is what I have done. I have changed the <'s to ('s because otherwise it just thinks I'm typing in HTML for writing purposes.
(!DOCTYPE html)
(a href="https://www.google.co.uk")


Hi Missgamergeek,

You need some text between <a> and </a> :)

In the future, when you post code, if you wrap it with a new line and three backticks (`) before and after the code, you won't have to swap the left and right angle brackets for parenthesis. Example:

<div> <<< see how the angle brackets show up now? >>>


Excuse me but how do you post a question in the forum ? (My question was :"Where can I find the INDEX.HTML ? " Check out our profile for King Kong in index.html and the Result tab to the right."Thanks a lot !")


@slibre2 Go to the forum category and section you'd like to create your question in, then press the New Topic button towards the upper-right corner of the page.


Thank you very much Zystvan ! I hope you're going to succeed ! in becoming full stack developper ! Thanks !


You're welcome and thank you :)


Hi missgamergeek I am still a beginner at typing really fast and code. I need help on "Your Going Places" it keeps saying "don't forget your href".


have you put in href after the a? Like this

<a href:www.website.com">


Thank you for helping me :smile: . I hope to be a Computer Scientist in the future and I thought I'd start off with HTML (I don't know why...).


jsut close the proxy server and the disk chache


@missgamergeek No problem, I enjoy helping people on the forums :)
Just remember, the syntax for an attribute on an HTML tag is something="value", for example:

<a href="www.website.com"></a>


<a href:www.website.com"></a>