I need help with #8 dont koe whats wrong


i dont know what it mean s


Can you be more specific?


it is saying that i didnt to the confirm message right but i dont know what else it wants me to do?


Please post your code..

Surround it in three backticks ` , backticks are found right above your tab key on your keyboard, on the left of number 1.


i dont know how to do that either


Select all the code, right click and copy, then paste it in here...


Write your own message that you want the user to confirm.
("I am ready to go.");


Can you pose a screenshot of the page?


i dont know how to do that


you should use confirm exactly like console.log. It's use to get a confirmation from user.


that doesnt make any sence


The code
confirm("I am ready to go.");


On lesson Eight JavaScript the only thing you need to write is:

confirm(" ");

and in-between the, " " tags write a paragraph of whatever you want. That's how you get through. Good Luck!!!


To copy something click, hold down the mouse on the beginning of whatever you want to copy, drag your mouse over what you want to copy and let go, all of it should be highlighted, if it is then right click part of the highlighted part and click the button that says copy. After that click on the spot or highlight the area then right click and then click the button that says paste. If you followed my directions about copy and pasting correctly this will work. :slightly_smiling:


And if @kingconduit instructions didn't make sense, you could always just watch a youtube video on how to do it. Gotta love the interwebz.


In short, click and hold at the beginning of what you want copy then drag until it is envolauped in a highlight, then right click , then click the copy button, then right click on wherever you want to paste it and click the paste button. :wink:


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