I need help with 4/7 of Deploy Website. Can't find answer in other forums


Hi! I've tried to find the answer in other topics. I can't figure out how to do the remote origin thing. I followed the instructions given and the checkbox didn't do anything. Please help!

$ cd personal-website                                                                                        
bash: cd: personal-website: No such file or directory                                                        
$ git remote add origin https://github.com/Bob-Roberts/Bob-Roberts.github.io.git                             
$ git remote rm origin https://github.com/Bob-Roberts/Bob-Roberts.github.io.git                              
usage: git remote remove <name>                                                                              


If it tells you a directory that you just tried to enter doesn't exist, then you might not want to continue to fire off commands before having made sure you're in the right place.

Same with your last command, it gives you feedback of what to do differently


It's still not working for me


I'm not sure what you want me to reply to that.
Without adding any new information or questions, my reply isn't going to be any different either

There is nothing to reply to when the question is something akin to "help" / "I'm stuck" / "It's not working"
You've got to drive the conversation a little more than that.


Well, I've typed in the code it asks me to type multiple times and it hasn't worked. So I'm asking if there is any other possible way beside the way you explained it above that can help me get through this bloody code section.


Then you might describe that situation so that another person can do the same thing, can understand what you did and what happens when you do.

In what's described in the first post of this thread, there is a lot of information in the terminal output that wasn't considered. If you're saying "me too" then go consider what it tells you. If that's not what is happening, then "me too" doesn't apply and even if it did, there wouldn't be anything to add


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