I need help whit this


I'm on the second review of introduction to programming, the exercise asks me to write a sentence and the answer should be "finished my first course" I wrote it in several ways for example:
if (10>3)
console.log("termine mi primer curso");
console.log("no pase mi primer curso");
be sure to use exactly the string that is displayed but I see nothing in the instructions does anyone know which refers chain?


Hey @rogerjosue! What course number is this?


This means it has to say what it tells you it needs to say, but you put

..Is that what you're supposed to do?
Check it and retry.


is the java script, but no problem and what the problem is, havia to put finishing the course with a capital at the beginning and end of the course put in lowercase, that was the problem, thanks for asking


the problem was that you had to put Termine el curso with capital T at the beginning and i put termine el curso that was the problem


Ok well I'm glad you've solved it, now could you mark this topic as solved by clicking the tick button at the bottom of the thread?