I need help to see if this is a bug or just my mistake

The prompt is simply just asking me to make methods but I keep getting these error messages no matter what. Not sure whats wrong.

Just need help. Thank you for your time.

But my code looks like this

Hi, is this your entire code (I’m assuming there’s also a Triangle function in the bottom)? Can you copy and paste your code?

I suspect there’s a syntax error(s).

Thats the rest of the code. I cant make it bigger due to the constraints of the codeacdemy website

You’re using x for multiplication but it should be *. I haven’t had enough coffee so I didn’t notice the first time around :slight_smile:

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I see, Would that be the cause for all of the other errors?

Nevermind, Thank you for that.

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Great! No problem. :slight_smile: