I need help to choose a coding language

I need help to choose a coding language to stick to but I want the coding language to be good in all things except web development I want one thats good with mobile applications and PC applications and games. Please recommend me some coding languages like that. :pray:

JavaScript and Python are good for games

If you are sure those are the routes you want to go, I’d recommend C#.

"PC applications"

  • Assuming “PC applications” means Windows applications, C# is now the go-to language for doing just that.


  • C# is one of the best languages for building games, thanks to Unity

Mobile applications

  • Depending on the type of app you want to make, C# ranges from decent (basic cross-platform apps) to really good (native apps and games) in the mobile sphere.

    • If you just want to build simple apps that can work on both iOS and Android, check out Xamarin.Forms. The apps will not be “native,” but for the average app nobody will be able to tell performance-wise. Stylistically, Microsoft provides pretty good instruction on how you make make your UI look as native as possible. For iOS apps, you’ll want to style your UI with XCode, and for Android apps, you’ll probably want to use Material Theme. Do note though, if you want to make apps for iOS, you will need a Mac computer.

    • If you want to just focus on a single mobile platform, Xamarin also provides Xamarin.Android or Xamarin.iOS. Microsoft claims these two allow you to build fully native apps in the selected platform.

    • Finally, if you just want to make mobile games, then Unity is your best choice again. Many of the games you play on mobile were created with Unity.

Hope this info helps you out.

Happy coding!

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no thanks, i dont really want to learn javascript and Python 3 is only avaliable to codecademy pro users and all the other python learning things are outdated

thanks ill start learning c#

Two very popular game engines seem to be unity (c#) and unreal engine:


So you could also consider c++ and unreal engine

You should also look into the difference between hybrid and native mobile apps. Understanding and using the right tools (this includes programming languages) for each job/project is very important