I need help question 13 in images and links

I’ve tried everything the instruction told me but it doesn’t let me go to the next question

please post your code so we can check it

same with me!! :cactus:

Like @stetim94 said, you need to post your code so we can check it for you. If you don’t know how to do this, follow the steps on this post.

hi . i had the problem but then i realized i didnt put the space . in here take a look …jpg"/> . .jpg" />
got it ? . put space then add /> . hope that was useful.xoxo1

Show us your code. Example:

<!DOCTYPE html>

		<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/f3a16fb6.jpg" />
		<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/ninja_zpsa5dbe37a.jpg"/>

PS: this is NOT the correct post pls help!!!

If you had the same problem as me, just put a space before the /> in the img url

really? And not the correct post and @xoxo1 already gave the right answer, you need a space between .jpg" and />

I can’t go on to the next slide it keeps saying I have to make sure one my images is a link but I added a link. Please help!!

Yes, but inside the link (between <a> and </a>) you need an <img>

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I still don’t get it though, because in the instructions it says after the images add a link. So why do I have to put a link in between <a> and </a>? and the problem is that it keeps saying I need to have at least one image as a link and I keep copying the image address but it still doesn’t work. I’ve been at this for hours I’m going crazy!

well, we have a couple of things here, we have a regular link:

<a href="#">click me</a>

and a image:

<img src="#">

now, instead of click me, you can also put an image there:

<a href="#"><img src="#"></a>

now, instead of the words click me, you can click on the image, this is called a linked image

Its still not working! I don’t understand why my images aren’t becoming links? I checked my previous worked on tabs 10-12 and it worked there. For both images I added from the website I copied the image address. So I added a link and two images but one image has to be a link and thats where my problem is I have two images and one isn’t a link and I don’t understand what Im doing wrong. I tried doing what you posted to my last question but I still didn’t get it.

You still have nested one of your images inside of link tags:

<a href="#"><img src="#"></a>