I need help opening a HTML file?

I’m trying to make a button that links to a html file.
I’m creating a chrome extension and I need help linking a button to a html file.

The file I’m highlighting is pwdvaulthome.html which is in a file.

I’m trying to create a button that links to that html document in the file.

How do I do it?

<button>Password Vault</button>

Then attach a click event; OR,

<div class="button">
    <a href="pwdvaulthome.html">Password Vault</a>

Then give the button class some dimensions and styling.

As an aside, relating to your Windows installation…

In folder settings be sure to NOT hide extensions. This is how people are duped into saving executable files that pretend to be text.


will look like this on your machine…


If we don’t see the .exe we think it is a text file and when we click it, the feathers start flying as malicious software gets installed on our machine.


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