I need help on p2 5/10


Here's one more way to use cp.

Navigate up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/.
I cant figure out how to do this. i dont get the hint. Im new dont judge.


I have the same question, can't figure the hint either :frowning:


I figured it out. I haven't been on today but ill check for sure later but i think it cd .. or something like that


i used (cd - ) but was not accepted even though i went back... the agony


confirmed its(cd ..)


I still have figured it out. That did not help me.


Cd .. :-there is space between the cd and the two dots.


@minionsrock Unix commands are always completely lowercase, though. @illuminaticonfirme Type this exact command into the terminal:

cd ..


thank you so much! i was forgetting the space between the two dots in 'cd ..'. this is such a relief.


Thanks! I finally got it using cd .. :smiley: