I need help on 4.check yourself on 6.pyglatin


Replace this line with your code.


print 'welcome to pig latin translator'
original = raw_input("Wright Something:")
if (raw_input() > 0:
print "original"
print "empty"
raw_input("Wright Something:")


das my code, but I need help


Hi there! In the raw_input part, that is where your problems are. I would add a empty_string = "" then change your if(raw_input() > 0: into something like len(original) > 0:. Happy to help!


can you show me that in code(python)


answer as soon as you can.


please. ok? ok. I don't even know


hmm... what is problem?


it doesn't recognose .isalpha()


do I have to do .isalpha() with something inside these ()?


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