I need help on 17 Nth Child on CSS

This is the code i have type in if anyone can do this please show yours thank you :wink:

p:first-child {
color: red;
font-family: cursive;

p:nth-we’renot(2) {

p:nth-not(3) {

p:not(4) {

p:not(5) {
font-size: 22px;

You need a closing curly bracket there.

you don’t see more problems?

@betaninja90887, th pseudo class you need is nth-child. I see a lot of other pseudo classes which are not nth-child

yeah i figured that one out too lol
thanks by the way MATE.
p:first-child { font-family: cursive;

p:nth-child(2)font-family: Tahoma;

no comma between the brackets and the font-family

after p:nth-child(2) there should be a opening curly bracket ({)

@coreace68748 You forgot to close your p:nth-child(4) CSS rule.
:not() is different from :nth-child()

Next time, please create a new topic rather than using someone else’s. Thanks!