I need help Making a MadLib on replit please HELP!


You will write a program that allows a user to create a completed Mad Libs story from an incomplete one. For example, the incomplete Mad Libs story might look something like the following:

I went to the animal , the <plural_noun> and the beasts were there.

The program would prompt the user for a noun, and the user can answer with any noun, perhaps “sofa.” Next, the program would prompt for a plural noun, and the user could answer “sandwiches.” Then, the program would ask for a number and the user might enter “42.” The program parses (analyzes parts of) the Mad Lib and replaces the parts of speech with the user input. The complete and probably non-sensical Mad Lib story would be:

I went to the animal sofa, the sandwiches and the 42 beasts were there.

This what i have:
This is on replit btw

import java.util.Scanner;

//starts the Main class
class Main {
public static void main(String args)
// creates a scanner to process terminal input
Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);

// prompts the user so they know when
// to enter keyboard input within a program
System.out.print("Enter a noun:");
String noun = sc.nextLine();
System.out.print("Enter an adjective:");
String plural_noun = sc.nextLine();
System.out.print("Enter a number:");
int number = sc.nextInt();

// nextLine method returns all keyboard input
// until the user presses the Return or Enter key

// after collecting input, you can treat user input
// as a normal String value

// find first tyep of word
String madLib= (“I was walking to school when i slipped <plural_noun> then fell down. I fell down stories and scarped my knees on the concrete floor. The floor was wet with water and there was glass everywhere.”);

//String firtIndex= madLib.indexOf(“<”);
//int lastIndex= madLib.indexOf(“>”); (idk what to do)



Don’t know any Java, but remember that Java and Javascript are very different. Might want to edit your tags.