I need help making a decision?

Hey all! I have just started my new job at a company that is programming in C# and ASP.NET and they also uses Blazor to work with. I have HTML and CSS experience since before and I was hired to learn another tool that Codecademy cannot offer me. While I am learning it, I will study C# on my own. I started my C# course at Codecademy and have gotten 51% on it. I find it difficult to learn C # because I have no previous experience with OOP programming.

My question is: Am I wasting my time studying “Full-Stack-Engineer” path instead of focusing on C# directly instead? In the future I will work a lot with HTML and CSS in our Blazor projects as well and If I learn Javascript first, maybe I will find it easier to pick up C# at a later time or am I wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Tracing back to native C and the UI in that day, it was a slow and steady journey to the GUI which was first glommed onto by Steve Jobs. That aside, the UI was always central. The user was at the center. The first objective was to get the user to implement the keyboard. Just when people were getting the knack, the GUI came into existence and kind of wrecked that experience.

It’s hard for me to understand what your point is? :grinning:

You need to learn OOP
So, no, you’re not wasting your time on the full stack course.

Thanks for your reply. I have decided to mix C# with Full-Stack. :grin:

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