I Need help in the justin bieber race


Please help i dont know what to do it keeps saying
SyntaxError: Unexpected token else

// Check if the user is ready to play!
confirm("I am ready to play")
var age = prompt("what's your age")
if (age < 13){
console.log("you are allowed to play but be careful")
console.log("Please continue this way")
console.log("You are at a Justin Bieber concert, and you hear this lyric 'Lace my shoes off, start racing.'")
console.log("Suddenly, Bieber stops and says, 'Who wants to race me?'")
var userAnswer= prompt("Do you want to race Bieber on stage?");
if (userAnswer==="yes");
console.log("You and Bieber start racing. It's neck and neck! You win by a shoelace!");
console.log("Oh no! Bieber shakes his head and sings 'I set a pace, so I can race without pacing.");


After the second if, use one =, not 3.
The if for userAnswer


Thank you for your help


no problem @danansocks.