I need help in Search a Friend (Contact List)


Hello everybody!! I'm stuck on 'Search a friend' in 'Contact List'. This is my code: https://gist.github.com/125f6f270dcb98494bd9e6c81aa566c2
When I run it, it prints out THREE time the object "Steve", then once - "Bill" and again "Steve".... Could anybody, please, tell me what's the problem in?


are you stuck or do you have a question about the output? The exercise needs to validates the code works correctly, so it calls the function (behind the scenes), this will cause output, see what happens when you run it outside codecademy, then it shows the output fine


Yes, I'm confused with the output. Could you, please, tell me where is it possibile to try it outside codeacademy online and without registration? Thanks!


outside codecademy is clickable? This will take you jsbin where you can run your code


Yes, I did it. I can insert my code, but I don't understand how to run it and where to are the result!


make sure you have the javascript and console tab open.

there is a run button in the top right corner


Yes, I've done it. It means that my code is correct??


yep, your code is correct. The output is caused by codecademy doing valdition on your code. Did you figure out jsbin?


Yes! Just in jsbin I've seen that it functions as needed.


Well, thank you so much for your fast and detalied help. And for JSBIN )


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