hello guys I am Asma. I need help in DATE AND TIME “GRAND FINALE”. please help…!!!

With regard to asking for help when regarding coding, you need to be specific with what you need help with. It is usually beneficial to include your code so others can see where you are going wrong.

Please post your code and error message. We can help you only help you with the problem if we aren’t walking blind.

IDK how to do this either
i keep getting stuck

PLEASE post your code so we can help you.

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Take a screenshot of your screen so we can help you.:slight_smile:

im on a chromebook. i cant take pics or anything. i did finish it after i posted the help message

this is how you screenshot on a chrome book.
Whole page: Press Ctrl + Switch window
Part of a page: Press Crtl + Shift + Switch window

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Guys, if you have a question go here and make a new topic

You can also just copy paste your code to the forum, but then it would be nice if you use markup:

Screenshots are actually less nice for helping, so copy pasting + markup would be really nice. Please keep this topic free to help arcace59459

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